Are you staying one move ahead of the competition?

Protect your operation from expensive power disruptions and manage your exposure to energy price rises with energy storage.

Can you afford the risk you’re taking with your standby power?

Protect against business downtime 24/7 with energy storage.

Energy storage or batteries, such as the Tesla Powerpack, offer a step change in standby power. Unlike traditional standby generators batteries are multi-functional, constantly providing other valuable energy services resulting in an unrivalled ROI.

You can also rely on batteries to always be ready to switch over (rather than start-up) into emergency power mode, supporting your operation with reliable power in the event of an unexpected and costly power cut.

Energy prices are rising:
do you have a cost control strategy in place?

Buy cheap power, store it, then use during expensive peak power times.

Energy storage allows you to buy and store cheap power from the grid then use it when power prices are at their highest (peak shaving), therefore reducing your energy bill.

If you are a business generating renewable power onsite, energy storage allows you to store and discharge power at a time that suites your operation.









Technology is driving tremendous changes in the energy market. We are moving from a centralised to a decentralised (smart grid) network that enables businesses to become pro-active energy users.

Are you benefitting from the revolution?

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Energy batteries.  A step change in Demand Side Response (DSR).

Energy batteries. A step change in Demand Side Response (DSR).

On the 24th July 2017, the UK government published a report describing its vision for the future of the UK’s energy system. The report titled “Upgrading our Energy System” is available for download here.

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How do I get my Financial Director to invest in an energy storage system?

How do I get my Financial Director to invest in an energy storage system?

This is a question I’m asked often. You might be an energy manager, facilities manager or similar. You might have a dual role but your responsibilities are likely to include... 

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