Although there are clear energy cost-saving benefits to Battery Energy Storage, debate remains as to whether it is considered a ‘green technology’? 


On the surface, Battery Energy Storage is considered to be an innovative renewable energy source for businesses and residential properties alike. 


In its most simplistic form, the Battery Energy Storage enables users to ‘save’ or ‘store’ electricity through the battery system, later releasing it back to the grid to generate income or for when it is most needed. As an example, most businesses operate at capacity throughout the day, being the optimum time frame for which any saved energy would prove most vital. 


But, exactly how could Battery Energy Storage be ‘green’? Rock Clean Energy explains all: 


Cleaner Supply Source 

Compared to back-up generators, Battery Energy Storage systems offer a much ‘cleaner’ source of energy, without actually creating new electricity. 


How? Battery Energy Storage systems do exactly that – they store electricity from the grid for when you most need it, i.e. during a power outage or when you hit operational capacity. 


With Battery Storage, you aren’t creating new sources of energy just optimising the energy available to you without the use of additional diesel or other fuels, like with a generator. 


In addition to be a ‘cleaner’ back-up supply, Battery Energy Storage also prevents Businesses from consuming additional electricity when it is not needed, enabling businesses to become more sustainable.


At a national level, Battery Energy Storage Systems can store electricity when there’s an abundance of zero carbon solar or wind energy and then release it later in the day when there’s less. In this way Battery Energy Storage Systems are helping the nation’s transition to a low carbon flexible and reliable energy system.


Works in Conjunction with On-Site Solar 

In situations where a factory or manufacturing facility operates via its own Solar, Battery Energy Storage can become a completely green and renewable source of energy. It works by storing unused energy from Solar during the day, and later releasing it during periods with limited daylight, i.e. during night shifts. 


Aside from ensuring production is not affected, Solar and Batter Energy Storage work hand in hand to provide a renewable source of energy that can still generate income, with any unused energy supply released back into the grid. 


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