If your business has suffered loss of stock or productivity due to power outages, then you may have decided to research alternative solutions to strengthen your production line. 


For years, the go-to ‘solution’ has been the backup Generator, providing businesses with a new electricity supply as and when they experience downtime. 


But, have you ever thought about Battery Energy Storage? Considered a more ‘green technology’, Battery Storage enables users to store energy for when power outages occur, whilst providing the opportunity to reduce your electricity costs and generate income from any unused energy released back to the grid. 

Unsure which would be the best solution for you and your business? The team here at Rock Clean Energy has taken the time to explore the pros and cons of each solution in more detail: 


Generators [Pros]: 

To install they are relatively inexpensive. 

Easy to size for your premise’s power needs. 

You won’t have to worry about critical loads. 

Generators [Cons]: 

Generators are typically powered by diesel, liquid propane, or natural gas. This means the generator can continue to run as long as you have the fuel to supply your generator. However, in the long-term, this can be expensive and time-consuming. 

Generators powered by propane or diesel can be loud, which may be disruptive to production. 

Some generators need to be run and tested regularly to ensure that they’ll be operational when you need them most. 

Generators can take several minutes to ramp up to full power 


Battery Energy Storage [Pros]: 

One major advantage of a battery energy storage system is that it operates quietly 

The system runs on electricity from the grid, storing energy for when you need it most 

You don’t have to deal with exhaust fumes or other polluting emissions. 

Full power output is virtually instantaneous 

You can actually save money on your electricity bills and can even generate income by releasing unused electricity back to the grid. 


Battery Energy Storage [Cons]: 

Battery Energy Storage systems can be expensive to install; however, funding is available through providers like Rock Clean Energy. 

The main difference between Battery Energy Storage systems and back-up Generators is that a battery system will store electricity enabling to save costs and generate income, where as a Generator creates new power, in most through fuels like diesel, mounting to additional costs.  


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