How does Battery Energy Storage work with Solar PhotoVoltaics (PV)?

Solar generation has grown rapidly in the UK’s power mix over the past decade, with many commercial businesses now having an onsite Solar PhotoVoltaic (PV) system feeding into the electricity supply for their premise. A recent peak in May 2018 saw 28.5% of UK electricity generation coming from solar.  


As a renewable and “green” energy source, solar panels provide businesses with an extremely cost-effective power supply, particularly when combined with a Battery Energy Storage system to store excess generation. The combination of the two is often called a Solar Storage System.  


But how does this work exactly? And what steps would you need to take to implement a Solar Battery Energy Storage system within your business? Rock Clean Energy explores:


How does Solar Battery Storage work?  

Put simply, Battery Energy Storage systems are a series of batteries which charge from the distribution network and then release the power to your premises, as and when you need it to.  


A Battery Energy Storage system is ideally suited to a business which suffers from regular power outages, needs to reduce their electricity bill without reducing consumption or requires additional power, which isn’t available via the local electricity network.  


The system works by storing excess power from the grid, and either releasing it back when needed most, i.e. during power outages, or during high electricity peaks to save energy costs.  


When combined with an onsite solar PV system, the Battery Storage Systems stores excess energy generated from the solar PV system during the day, which can then be released when the demand exceeds the generation.  


This has the benefit of maximising your electricity consumption from renewable sources. Plus, if the stored PV energy is released during the period of peak electricity charges, it will reduce your energy bill.  


How can I install Solar Battery Storage?  

If your business already utilises Solar PV to generate an energy supply, you will need to source a specialist Battery Energy Storage provider, like Rock Clean Energy, to understand how Solar Battery Storage could stack up for your business. 


From here, we will be able to provide a complete design and installation service, which starts with an indicative design and no-obligation quotation, including a site visit to understand exactly where the battery energy storage would be located and how it would fit your current electrical installation and Solar PV System.  



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